Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Activity 1: Storytelling time

Today is storytelling time and you will hear a story call Miss Week and the days of the week. Hope you enjoy it!

Miss Week and the days of the week

The aim of this activity is to tell our students a fractured fairy tale. This story is based on the populat tale of "Snowhite and the seven dwarfs", but we have modified the story in order to teach our students specific contents, such as, the days of the week, clothes, forest's elements and some feelings or moods.

The dialogue is already provided, but another idea we can carry out using this activity is DIALOGIC READING. Dialogic reading is a technique to tell stories, where the students became the storytellers and the adult an active listener, The procedure is based on prompts or questions the adult asks the students so they can predict what they think it would happen or tell what is happening. Therefore, the students will be telling the story and at the same time, we will give them the opoortunity to practice the vocabulary they already know and learn new.

As a suggestion, we recomend to review or teach some words, before telling the story, as they will need to use them in the story and it will be easier for them. Also, you can carry out different activities after telling the story, such as a bingo feelings, the walking statues or write about you and guess who could it be.

Bingo feeling is avocabulary game based on the popular game where they have to complete all the words from their cardboard. With this game they can review the vocabulary related to feeling and moods while they are having fun. You can provide them the words selected or let them choose them from a list you write on the blackboard.

The walking statues is a description game, where the students have to walk around the class while some music is played. When the music stops, they have to find a partner and put back to back. We will ask some students to describe what their partners are wearing.

And finally, write about you and guess who could it be, is an activity to work on reading and wirting skills. Each student writes on a piece of paper a description of the clothes they are wearing. The teacher picks up all the papers, mix them and give one to each. One by one, each student came to the blackboard reads the description aloud and guesses from who is it.

These are some examples, but they are a lot more, such as making masks, singing songs or doing a role play.

We hope you find it useful and you like the story. With this example, we want to encourage to adapat or modified popular or traditional tales according to the contents we are teaching, our students and the aims we have suggest.

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  1. It'd be nice if you also embedded the story in your post, María, it is a very nice story, congrats!