Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Activity 2: Write the end of the story

In this URL you will find a short story of five magic elves. Read the story and write an end for it. What do you think the magic elves will do? You can write as many ends as you can imagine.

Write the end of the story

Reading stories is very important, but also writing them. When kids read stories they are able to imagine new worlds and characters, but we have to give them the opportunity to express that creativity and imagination they have by writing stories. With this activity the topic is already given, and they only need to invent an end for that story.

If you develop this activity with your students in the classroom, then they can read them aloud so they can bear in mind the wide range of possible endings for the same story.

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  1. Great story, keeping my fingers crossed to find many storytellers willing to finish it. Why don't you grab the embed code and embed it here in your post, too, María?