Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Origami storytelling

Storytelling is a common activity inside and outside the classroom. Teachers, parents and grandparents spend part of their time telling stories for the purpose of having fun, teaching and creating an atmosphere in which learning takes place succesfully and almost unconciously.

Therefore, children have to feel this activity as an interesting way of learning and we, as storytellers, have to use an interesting methodology that involves children. You can find a wide range of ways of telling stories.

In this video, we provide you with an original idea to catch up children's attention, which consist of telling a very easy story with repetitive structures using origami. Several figures are made while we tell a story call "King Nicolas"which replace the illustrations.

It is not a common way of telling a story, and probably new for most of the children, so they will find it very interesting. Also, we can ask them to predict what origami figure they think they is so they can tell the story and get them involved.


  1. Awesome video storytelling, so sweet, I love it!
    Thanks ever so much. Congrats!

  2. Thank you very much M. Jesús! I hope we could provide you with other amazing stories!